Excellent analysis of how software vendors violate the customer relationship

Here's a blogger taking the vendors firmly by the ear and twisting. My Hero! I am not worthy! etc etc

Conventional wisdom would assume that in a challenging economy, strong relationships would be a key success factor to retaining business and mitigating loss of revenue. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for many companies, including vendors in enterprise software.

Ray Wang hits them on five fronts

arrogance places their companies at risk by jeopardizing brand value, trust, and market credibility for short term gain with investors. Five common conventional wisdom strategies that destroy relationship value often include:

Part 1: Commoditizing the client facing workforce at the expense of the client
Part 2: Slashing the quality of support and maintenance while failing to deliver value
Part 3: Pushing products that clients don’t need in order to grow revenues
Part 4: Under-investing in R&D and then repackaging existing content as new innovation
Part 5: Living in denial by ignoring stakeholder concerns and requests (coming next Monday)

Brilliant. Read it

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