What does going fast mean?

What does it mean to go fast?

Tim Ottinger has a great discussion on this Twitter thread: beware of fast meaning hasty.

    People say that "agile" isn't about speed. @JoshuaKerievsky calls out that "moving with easy grace" isn't slow. Maybe ppl can say "agile isn't about doing hurried work" instead?
    I've long said "it is sooner, not faster" and while that is true, I recognize "the safe way is the fast way" as often repeated by @jwgrenning

My thoughts on speed:

1) Faster than the need. Not be the bottleneck. Blinding fast to turtle slow, whatever is needed. Multispeed IT means embracing multiple cadences under one converged way of working and one culture.

2) Velocity through quality. Focus on quality, not speed or - shudder - cost.

3) Most importantly, be fast to change how we work, not just fast to work. This is true agility.

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