What is a DevOps role

There is some confusion when organisations organise or advertise for "devops" skills or roles.
I think there are at least three "devops" skills / roles you could potentially be asking for:

  1. Build team members doing the infrastructure as code (or full stack) and managing the resulting environments
  2. Tool makers providing the [facilities, the automation and self-service infrastructure,] to role 1. The person who builds the automation tool chain used by 1.
  3. DevOps practice owners providing expertise, standards, knowledge, templates, coaching, tools for the toolmakers... This is the DOO or devops Office.

[Update note: the DevOps ideology is clear: there us no such thing as a DevOps person or team. And the world is clear that they're really not going to pay a blind bit of notice to the dogma and they're gonna keep writing job ads and descriptions with "DevOps" in them.
What I'm talking about here are roles and skills that do not need to equate to a job position, and virtual teams that may or may not equate to an actual organizational unit.
But the fact is people gonna organise around the word DevOps and there's no use fighting that tide.]

Note: I have not seen any talk of a DevOps Office DOO elsewhere... yet. I think this is a concept that will soon emerge in the same way as project management office or service management office.

Another note: when we talk about "Ops" in a DevOps environment it gets even more confused. Ops can mean any of the three meanings above, or it can mean a fourth:
The people who manage the operational environment in which all of the above exists: desktops, productivity and business tools, networks, telephony, cabling, storage, security, facilities, physical devices and so on.

This post was triggered by discussion as I was delivering the new DevOps Foundation certification course.

Did I miss any?
Any good discussion of this online?
Has anyone ever said DOO before?
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