Ten agile principles that screw up conventional project management

I've been blogging about how we need to shed traditional project management ways of working.

Here are ten Agile principles that sit badly with conventional project management methodology:
1. no known defects, prioritise defects over new
2. product not project
3. bring the work to the teams, stop disbanding and reforming teams
4. single stream of work, stop making people prioritise across multiple owners
5. teams work to velocity, don't overburden the system, limit WIP, never run people at 100% utilisation
6. never do work until as late as possible
7. maximise the work not done.
8. deliver in as small increments as possible
9. experiment and failure is how we work. We don't know the end state.
10. you'll never get real quality until those accountable for running it are those who build it.

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