Standard plus Case: the new way to think about service response

These are exciting times for the IT Skeptic: my new approach to service response - for most readers of this blog that means Service Desk - is getting a lot of attention and positive feedback. That's because it is simple, common sense, and low cost and low impact to adopt. If you do any sort of responding to situations - incidents, requests, problems, changes, events... - then Standard+Case will help you improve.

The sort of feedback I am getting from people is

  • how it resonates with their own experience (of course! I am just framing reality, giving us a structure to think about what happens now)
  • how it has solved some issue they were thinking about
  • how it has revealed something to them, given them a new insight

I am humbled that so many people are getting so many positive returns from this approach.

Here are some recent resources to introduce you to Standard+Case.

A video interview from the recent ITIL Forum in Sarnen, Switzerland:

ITIL Forum 2013 ITIL-Forum Switzerland - Interview with Rob England, the IT Skeptik - from Martin Andenmatten on Vimeo.

A blog interview with Rui Soares on ITIL Blues:

Copyright Rui Soares

My presentation to the virtual TFT13 conference (and presented simultaneously live to the British Service Desk Institute SDI13 conference in Birmingham)

And of course the recently published book which is getting lots of positive feedback:


You can learn more about Standard+Case and find lots of resources to help you here

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