Social media discourse degenerates

Some time ago, I talked about how all social channels seem to to generate overtime as the core enthusiasts who gave them their and national life lose their energy and move on to other projects, and the channel is taken over by the great unwashed masses. More and more people move into the channel who don't have the expertise nor the commitment to the ideals to maintain the quality of the channel; nor frankly the intelligence in a lot of cases to be able to contribute constructively.

Somebody - and I hasten to add not me - coined the term England's Law for this principle: "all social channels degenerate". So I want to slightly elaborate that initial statement into are more specific England's Law v2: the discourse in all social media communities degenerates into spam and derp.

You can see this everywhere in our ITSM world.

We saw how the initial Yahoo groups turned complete rubbish - I bet it has been a very long time since you even visited them. I can't recall the URL.

You can see how some of the Linkedin groups related to ITSM are now full of nothing but training vendor spam as they dominate those groups with their special-price-for-you-my-friend offerings for the ITIL Foundation training.

You can see this in the groups on facebook. Back2ITSM seems to be holding up bravely in the quality of the discourse of the group, however England's Law says it is only a matter of time before gravity prevails and the channel sinks into the mire like all the others. Professional communities like ours slide slower.

If a community or channel does not have high levels of energy injected to fight the entropy, noise always wins out over information.

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