A layman's definition of Devops

I was asked for a 30 second elevator pitch in DevOps for a non-IT boss. Here's what I came up with. Have at it.

Agile is the approach of working with complex systems anywhere.
Lean is the approach of optimising the flow of work anywhere.
DevOps is the application of Agile and Lean to the acceleration of value work through IT.
Why DevOps? To be faster than the need for the value we create.

Originally DevOps had a narrow view of software change, but the implications soon lead us to re-engineering the operating model of the organisation. DevOps now encompasses cultural transformation, automation, flow of work, data driven management, and networked collaboration.

The principles of Agile, Lean and DevOps are so general that it is better to group them all as New Ways Of Working applicable to anywhere, to achieve increased velocity through improved quality for any kind of work.

For example we at Teal Unicorn are currently consulting with the IT department of NZ clients, and will soon be applying the same ideas to the whole of a garment company of 30,000 staff in Vietnam.

A number of organisations now describe themselves as an Agile Enterprise. DevOps is whatever you say it is, but it means a wider and wider definition to more people over time. The name DevOps starts to sound too specific and technical. We need to rebrand to New Ways Of Working, or something.

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