Great DevOps articles

Nobody reads books any more. They come thick and fast, and few of us have the time or the attention span.

So forget my post on great DevOps books to read and enjoy this one on seminal DevOps articles and posts. Never mind the meat and vegetables, have some snacks.

What is this DevOps thing anyway? , Patrick Debois

What is DevOps? , The Agile Admin

the Convergence of Devops, John Willis

DevOps Culture, John Willis

The Three Ways: The Principles Underpinning DevOps, Gene Kim

Continuous Delivery, Jez Humble

On Antifragility in Systems and Organizational Architecture, Jez Humble

Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners, Simon Wardley

Ops, DevOps and PaaS (NoOps) at Netflix, Adrian Cockroft

The evolution of DevOps , Mike Loukides

Knightmare: A DevOps Cautionary Tale , Doug Seven

I'm sure I missed plenty, so I welcome suggestions in the comments. I'll curate rigorously though: seminal, foundational, the source. If you google "DevOps", the amount of chatter out there from hangers-on like me - and of course from the vendors - is YUGE (as the Donald would say). I scrolled through 15 pages of crap and found two posts that I would consider profound. So lets surface them here.

Note that there are no videos. If you have so much spare time and such weak reading skills that you consume knowledge through video, then YouTube is your friend. Start with DOES conference videos (even I'm on there!) and DevOpsTV.

And of course this one which started it all

More posts on DevOps.

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