DevOps is only looking at one of four IT4IT value streams

The new IT4IT™ standard maps four value streams in IT. DevOps is concerned with one of them. What happens when we apply the the same ideas to the other three?
[If I wrote that headline again, I would insert the word "mostly"]

ImageThe four value streams are:

  • Strategy to Portfolio
  • Requirement to Deploy
  • Request to Fulfill
  • Detect to Correct

[Update: DevOps is pretty much focused on Requirement to Deploy. That's what CD is. That's the heart of DevOps. Sure they aspire to also do incident management,but I don't see it in practice. And I doubt most DevOpsites even know what Request Fulfillment is.]

What happens when we apply the the same ideas to the other three value streams? This is an idea that fascinates me. I welcome discussion with anyone else similarly fascinated.

I wrote about this in DevOpsRun, where I started to see the opening, but it wasn't until Charles Betz and co with their IT4IT opened my eyes to the explicit value streams that I could see exactly where the DevOps gaps are.

Something that DevOps has taught me (via John Willis) is that IT is now about systemic thinking. It is only by considering and acting on the whole system that we are successful. And that whole system includes these four value streams.

So the next cycle of evolution of the IT sector after DevOps will be to apply its world-changing concepts to the whole system instead of just the production stream.

[Update. Antonio Valle included the following picture in a comment below:

[Update: I've been talking to a client and drew this


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