Cloud solves everything in bi-modal ... not. Cloud is one small piece of DevOps

This article "Meeting the challenges of bimodal IT" contradicts itself:

separation of old legacy systems, people and processes from new, mostly cloud-native systems, people and processes. There is a growing realization that these technology approaches truly represent two different worlds. Though they are often uttered in the same breath, they rarely intersect....
That means taking a hard look at legacy applications and assessing everything to figure out what moves where and when... embracing the challenges of governing, securing and optimizing these shadow efforts without hindering innovation or encumbering new capabilities with added cost or latency

Sounds like lots of intersecting to me.

It says "Many think a private cloud environment is the magic answer" then claims public cloud is the magic answer.
This is thumping a drum: cloud is only one small aspect of bi-modal.

For example, cloud doesnt address:

  • cultural change: trust, teaming, sharing...
  • changing skillsets and capabiltiies
  • build methodology
  • automation of build and operations tools (the devops "tool chain")
  • changed SDLC
  • changed operations and support
  • un-virtualisable legacy

This is yet another example of that old IT pestilence: one "thing" as the answer to a complex question. Tech alone solves nothing.

So when the article says

Now is the time to push a real cloud-first agenda in your organization. comes as no surprise that

Michael Liebow is the global managing director of the Accenture Cloud Platform.

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