Bringing Humanity to Work

Hear us present on the online conference Shine19 on 30th october at 04:00GMT about
Bringing Humanity to Work

There is a renaissance in the ways we work, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the introduction of management as a discipline, except perhaps the ideas of flow after World War II.

The flagship is the Agile movement, which has escaped IT and is now transforming organizations, government, and society. But Agile is too narrow a portmanteau, so we call the movement as a whole Human Systems Agility, to embrace all the concepts involved.

In this presentation we’ll explore this human aspect, one that is desperately needed in most IT cultures, through some of our practical experiences.

Attendees will gain a quick overview of the field, pointers to the deeper domains (and this goes deep!) and practical ideas of how to start a personal and an organisational advancement journey to more humane IT.

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