COBIT Certified Service Manager: a cat amongst the ITIL pigeons

Here's hoping the upcoming (any day now, apparently) COBIT User's Guide for Service Managers is closely followed by a certification. Imagine "COBIT Certified Service Manager". Wouldn't that put a cat amongst the ITIL pigeons?


Can't really say what it feels...

...but certainly Cobit knowledge is VERY USEFUL for anybody implementing Service Management.

Whilst ITIL is in some places 'soft as feather', IT Governance has many faces like an ancient indian god (no, it must be goddess). I strongly encourage anybody working with ITIL to study its many faces and hands of Cobit.

Information Systems Architect at HP, CGEIT/ITIL Expert

the Indian goddess of COBIT

I love this thought! Please somebody with more artistic skill (and time) than me, render for us the Indian goddess of COBIT

The other COBIT training course with certification is ...

COBIT Foundation will not for long be the only certificated COBIT training course from ISACA. Read on...

There is the follow-on classroom course that has existed for about 6 or 7 years:

Implementing IT Governance using COBIT and VAL-IT
- a 2 day case-study-based workshop that is the COBIT equivalent of the ITIL Managers Course. It is based around the ISACA book: IT Governance Implementation Guide: Using COBIT and Val IT, 2nd Edition.

Why 2 days and not 2 weeks like ITIL?

The course expects you to know COBIT from COBIT Foundation study and looks at implementation approaches and issues from a detailed Roadmap perspective.

Certification for this event is coming, I hear.

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