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The ITIL Wizard prefers to remain anonymous because, as a recognised industry-leading expert on ITIL, he has more work than he can handle already. This column is just his way of giving back to the industry that rewards him so well.

For pity's sake people, this stuff is SATIRE! Will you quit taking it seriously please. Learn to read critically for your own protection. Sheesh.

I used to make the questions up, but now, sadly, I find plenty of material online for the questions as well as the answers.

All you need to know about ITIL incident, change and problem management

Hey Wiz!

I am going to start work in IT service delivery. I would like to know the important things that I should know in incident, change and problem management for day to day activities.This will really help me. I don't have time to attend a course or read some dumb books. If you could just sum it all up for me that would be great. Can't be too much to it, surely...

Thanks Wiz!


ITIL out of the box

Dear Skep,

A friend of mine works at an organisation that is migrating from one tier-1 ITIL tool vendor to another tier-1 ITIL tool vendor. They have been assured that they can adopt ITIL compliant processes out of the box using their toolset and are starting with Incident, Problem, Change, Service Catalogue, Request Fulfilment, Configuration and Service Level Management.

The vendor also sold a project manager and a technical guy for implementation.

It all seems too easy. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks in advance.

"Business" in ITIL?

Dear Wizard,

It's been a few days since I started to discover the world of ITIL and to study for the Foundation exam.
In the book(s) there is a number of "Business" words, and I cannot understand what side of business do they talk about: "Business Capacity Management", "Business Service (Management)", "Business Continuity Plan", "Pattern of Business Activity", etc. Their definitions are really puzzling.

What is the difference between CMS and SKMS?

Dear The
I am prepping to take ITIL v3 Intermediate- Rel, Control & Validation and am confused on the difference between CMS and SKMS. The Service Transition book gives me the impression that the CMS is only the data & information layer of the SKMS and therefore the knowledge processing layer and presentation layer are not in the scope of the CMS. Is this correct?

Beats Me

What ITIL is not

Dear Mr Wizard

We hear a lot about what ITIL is. Can you say what ITIL is not?


Service Archetype

Dear Wizard,

What is a Service Archetype, and how it is different from LOS?

Is Figure 4.4 in Service Strategy exhaustive or it is just an example?

Thank you