The corporate yoke

The symbolism of a company-branded lanyard and ID card hung around my neck is too potent for me. I'll do all I can to avoid wearing it. When the only option proffered is a logo-covered lanyard - no belt clip option - it says it all to me.

Organisations have failed their IT like bad parents

Fed up with the modern failures of IT being all IT's fault, I thought it was time to do something about it. So here is a white paper aimed at educating the business world to their responsibilities for IT. The world has really messed up owning IT (Information Technology), like a bad parent messing up a child's upbringing, letting them develop bad habits. We need to do better. We can do better. We need to do it soon, as modern IT requirements become ever more complex. [The white paper was slightly edited for version 5 in June 2012]

Whining about the IT department

If ever there was a classic example of how business people can become spoilt whining brats when it comes to IT services, it is in a recent article in Forbes online. Clearly, organisations have a stupendous amount of work to do to educate their staff in how to be grown-up about IT as a resource (no it is not IT's job to do this):

Don't run IT as a business, run it as part of the business

"Run IT as a business". What a mantra. It is of course rubbish. You run business as a business.

How business has failed IT like a bad parent

The world has really screwed up with owning IT, like a bad parent screwing up a child's upbringing and letting them develop bad habits.

"Business" in ITIL?

Dear Wizard,

It's been a few days since I started to discover the world of ITIL and to study for the Foundation exam.
In the book(s) there is a number of "Business" words, and I cannot understand what side of business do they talk about: "Business Capacity Management", "Business Service (Management)", "Business Continuity Plan", "Pattern of Business Activity", etc. Their definitions are really puzzling.

Why does IT have to do the business's job?

One of the reasons IT is sinking under the burden of our work is all the projects and new services we are dealing with. This shouldn't be IT's job.

Do you know what value the business wants?

We have been posting cards from the ABC of ICT card deck from GamingWorks to see what the response is, as a sort of informal opinion polling.

Those who responded to the last one were more polarised than the first poll. (Of course that might be becauser this time I didn't provide the weasel-option of "maybe"). Last time we asked what people thought of the statement "Lack of Management Commitment seriously affects project delivery in our organization" and got a resounding Yes. As a devout fan of Dilbert and especially The Dilbert Principle I'm hardly surprised that listless management would be a clear issue.

Let's try another. "IT is unable to specify the Value required by the business". What do you think of that statement in the context of your own organisation (or client)?

A better name for IT is "Business Improvement and Information"

An interesting article from IT Week suggests a better name for IT: Business Improvement and Technology. It shows IT as part of the business and contributing to the business. It separates op-ex and cap-ex. I'd go further and make it Business Improvement and Information

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