IT Skeptic competition

A quick competition: what is the visual gag on the cover of Introduction to Real ITSM, NOT including the IT'IL END IN TEARS coffee mug?

First two correct answers emailed to me get sent a copy of the book.

P.S. Please don't post the answers as a comment. (Someone would).

P.P.S. Still giving away $100 in the Legends competition. Don't leave me to win my own competition. Share your tales.

ITSM is over half a million people

Some recent stats point to lots of ITIL practitioners worldwide.

The IT Skeptic rates five pineapples

One of our readers, Red Pineapple over at Thinking Problem Management posted a list of "blogs that rock" and was nice enough to rate the IT Skeptic at five pineapples, the highest rating so far.. or maybe the lowest, since pineapples represent problems (stickly and prickly see?). Check out the list - there are lots of interesting sites.

On the other hand David Wheeldon's statement that this (the Skeptic's) blog is "bollocks" is currently showing as "confirmed" on Red's myth-busting poll so not everyone agrees with Red :-D

The IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe has been rebored

I've just cleaned up the IT Skeptic's ITIL news feed, which uses Yahoo Pipes, so content is better balanced, has less crap, and less of the IT Skeptic. Get it here.

A new look for the IT Skeptic, and a note on Excessive Technical Fastidiousness or ETF

Welcome to the new-look IT Skeptic. Nothing major: I took advantage of some standardisation of the underlying infrastructure to do some minor decorating, avoiding ETF.

The winner of the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery photo competition

Competitions are hard work on this blog. You lot need to spend less time working and more time futzing around on websites. Remember nobody lies on their deathbed thinking "I wish I had spent more time working". The winner of the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery photo competition from a small but strong field is

The IT Skeptic on Dipity

I love the internet. Check this out!

Runtime Google analytics errors

Anyone getting "A Runtime Error has occured" on Drupal.settings.googleanalytics when clicking on links? please leave a quick comment

Comments are a great resource of this site

Comments are one of the greatest assets of this website. Here is better access to them.

New IT Skeptic blog widget on CMDB

There is a new blog widget available for those who would like it for their own website... and it uses an illustration from the new IT Skeptic book.

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