IT Legends, a writing competition for IT people - tell us the legends of your IT past

Introducing a new series of posts: The Legends of IT , written by you.

Tell us the great Legends from your IT past, and vote on the Legends of others.

Best Legend will receive a Christmas present of a US$100 Amazon gift certificate, and of course bountiful glory.

Legends must be on the topic of events or characters from the past of the Information Technology industry. Legends are expected to have a theme of "legend" - to be in some way legendary. This does not preclude submitting Legends that are true ;-D

Legends must not include content

  • that is unsuitable for a family audience
  • that contains or promotes racial or gender discrimination
  • that is advertising. In general there is no need to name products or companies - keep it anonymous. I will edit out commercial references unless they are relevant to the story.
  • for which you do not have the copyright
  • that is critical or abusive of persons other than the author, unless the anonymity of that person is protected
  • that is libellous or otherwise potentially subject to legal action

By submitting content you warrant that you have the right to do so. By submitting content you waive all copyright for it and place it in the public domain.

There is no limit to the number of entries per user.

Entries close December 10th but please don't wait until then. You can edit and improve your Legends any time. And let's have some fun now!

I'll take voting into account but I'll be the final judge of Best Legend (it is too easy to rig voting in a population this small) and the judge's decision is final.

To create a Legend you need to be a registered user of this website, and logged in. Right now you are not logged in. To start your Legend, use the menu option "Create content" or click here.

Your Legend will not appear to other users until I publish it after checking for suitability. I reserve the right to edit or decline any content for whatever reason.

If you want to edit it later, you should see an edit tab on the post.

You can find your posts using the menu to the right (with your name on it) under "My unpublished posts", or once published under "My account" >> "track".

So go for it. They don't need to be long stories. We all have yarns we spin over a few beers. Share them here!

I've started it off.

[Updated: *sigh* what disappointment this competition was. No entries.]


Where's all the story tellers?

I thought you guys would be full of it. I am. Here's another one.

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