The IT Skeptic rates five pineapples

One of our readers, Red Pineapple over at Thinking Problem Management posted a list of "blogs that rock" and was nice enough to rate the IT Skeptic at five pineapples, the highest rating so far.. or maybe the lowest, since pineapples represent problems (stickly and prickly see?). Check out the list - there are lots of interesting sites.

On the other hand David Wheeldon's statement that this (the Skeptic's) blog is "bollocks" is currently showing as "confirmed" on Red's myth-busting poll so not everyone agrees with Red :-D



Congrats on the 5 pineapples. We were only able to muster 2, so clearly you're doing something right! You're certainly more prickly than we are, but I'm not sure that's that answer.


I'm certainly not sweeter :-D

The poll changes from "Confirmed" to "Busted"

The poll about the IT Skeptic blog being bollocks has now changed status to "Busted!"


I consulted the Meerkats about the technicality that more pineapples represents more problems and thus a lower rating.
Their answer was that pineapples are problems of the likable kind. More pineapples and the pina coladas taste better. Now cobras are problem of the unpleasant kind! The higher the number of cobras, the lower the rating. Maybe one day, they'll do a cobra rating but it is summer in the Kalahari and there are better things to do...

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