Comments are a great resource of this site

Comments are one of the greatest assets of this website. Here is better access to them.

Lately I've been especially impressed by the depth of the comments on this site, though they have always been good. We have had very little of the "Me too" type of comment - the value has always been excellent. I'd like to say a special thankyou to all the contributors who have made the site so rich in content.

So you can make better use of the comments, I've created a new page that allows you to browse them. The page also appears in your sidebar menu.

You can sort by author or timestamp or title of the post, or select by topic (of the post).

I hope this will help readers mine even more value out of the IT Skeptic site. Please let me know what you think.

For the technically minded, this took me less than thirty minutes to build using Drupal, including the page, search, view, sorting, menu entries, access authorisation levels... the works. Viva la Drupal!!

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