IT Skeptic competition

A quick competition: what is the visual gag on the cover of Introduction to Real ITSM, NOT including the IT'IL END IN TEARS coffee mug?

First two correct answers emailed to me get sent a copy of the book.

P.S. Please don't post the answers as a comment. (Someone would).

P.P.S. Still giving away $100 in the Legends competition. Don't leave me to win my own competition. Share your tales.


we have our winners

It is the discovery of a practical purpose for the ITIL books - as a monitor stand.

thanks everyone for contributing. Will send books soon.

Some classic quotes:

"I might have to look at replacing my current stand of Cobit and Prince2 books!"

"found for the past 8 years that the ITIL V2 Service Delivery book is just the right thickness to elevate the beam of a desktop LCD Projector ("beamer") on to the average screen"

"the author of the book must be under the effects of a combinantion of strange drugs to write the book, since in the workspace we can see several drug pots in different positions (but we can not read the components, since all the trademarks have been cautiously removed from the picture)"

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