everything the IT Skeptic can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one page

The IT Skeptic is now collecting everything I can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one reference page. It will apppear on the RSS feed whenever it is updated, or else if you register you can subscribe to notifications at the bottom of the reference page ("subscribe post").

For example, here is what we know about Certification:

ITSM skepticism becomes a crowded field

Oh my! another entrant in the ITSM skeptic stakes: Ian Clayton at ITSMI is now blogging. Given the other blog I mentioned today, it is getting to be a busy field.

New products in the IT Skeptic's store

I got bored seeing that same t-shirt all the time so...

Announcing the IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe - an ITIL newsfeed

yahoo pipesUsing Yahoo's new beta tool Pipes, the IT Skeptic has built his own custom ITIL news feed. You can share this feed to bring you your daily ITIL news if you wish, simply by subscribing to the RSS feed.

The IT Skeptic is away

The IT Skeptic is away for the week.

Six reasons to use Live Chat for support

The spell is broken, the honeymoon is over. After a year of my raving about Westhost's support, the transition to the IT Skeptic's new server was not as smooth as advertised. They're fallable after all.

Vendors should get a vote too? What do you think?

The IT Skeptic is considering introducing something soon that allows public voting related to products. I know of vendors rorting such a system by requesting all staff to vote for that vendor's product.

Web Crawlers

The following URLs are crawlers that have been banned by the IT Skeptic: - controvertial banning, but they leave error messages everywhere and eat huge resource A hungry crawler from irldotcsdottamudotedu, doing "research". Piss off. out of Turkey, out of Japan. USA Japanese. Big resource eaters. Look like spammers Chinese Sogou spider corp(dot)sohu(dot)com(slash)20051130(slash)n240842344(dot)shtml .

Selected comments from The IT Skeptic blog for February 2007

These are the IT Skeptic's picks from the comments of February

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