Announcing the IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe - an ITIL newsfeed

yahoo pipesUsing Yahoo's new beta tool Pipes, the IT Skeptic has built his own custom ITIL news feed. You can share this feed to bring you your daily ITIL news if you wish, simply by subscribing to the RSS feed. Alternatively the geeks amongst you may prefer to build your own pipe with this pipe as input.

I am aiming for as wide a net as possible to obtain all news of general interest regarding ITIL, CMDB and ITSM.

Terms of use: I built it for my own use to give me the ITIL news I want. Without notice, I will modify the pipe over time as I see fit to meet my needs. You are free to suggest modifications, but they will be made only if I agree. I.e. this pipe is a personal service that is shared, not a public service. Naturally the IT Skeptic takes no responsibility for the content served up by the pipe.

I hope this pipe is useful for you. Enjoy!


Please provide feedback about the ITIL Pipe

I'm refining the content slowly but steadily.

I'm having trouble with it as an RSS feed to google: content gets repeated on each google "refresh". Any geeks out there with an explanation?

let me know how you are finding it, and especially let me know any suggestions!

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