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The IT Skeptic is now collecting everything I can find out about ITIL Version 3 on one reference page. It will apppear on the RSS feed whenever it is updated, or else if you register you can subscribe to notifications at the bottom of the reference page ("subscribe post").

For example, here is what we know about Certification:

You won't need to re-certify everyone, but once you get around to upgrading to V3, everyone is going to need some upgrade training obviously. This is especially so for those who want to go on to further qualifications but everyone who needed training when you adopted V2 ITIL will likely need upgrade training when you adopt V3. I'm not complaining: this isn't a scam - it is just common sense.

So upgrading nearly everyone is a high probability. People are talking about Foundation upgrade training being just one day. I doubt practitioner or master/manager will be just one day.

The Foundation syllabus is still under revision and I don't think the exam questiosn are out yet (?), so anyone who says they have their V3 Foundation ready is making it up. Gossip is that the vendors fought for a pretty simple exam, validating the name we have for it already down under: "sheep dipping".

The manager exam will be more modular, based around the five books. Practitioner exams will be based around the cluster structure, very close to the EXIN model at the bottom of this page.

Looks like getting a manager's certification is going to involve a points system made up of contributing modules from manager, practitioner, foundation and upgrade, that will make the typical university points system look simple.

While the scoring is complex, sounds like the master's exams have been dumbed down. Of course the modern new-age teaching profession don't call it that. They have all sorts of academic B.S. for why multi-choice is as rigorous an assessment as an essay, but if you ask me it is all about the US being the huge growth market and Yanks can't write to save themselves.

In addition to a manager/practioner level, there is a new advanced level. There is a team still looking at the Advanced level so it is well away from fruition.


ITIL 3: The 7 step process model

My father had a great expression it was the use of the "Terminilogical Inexactitude"!

ITIL 3 a bit like Star Wars Bloopers (See BBC Entertainments Page) has its own too.

Take for example my current favourite, it is entitled :

Continuous Service Improvement : The 7 step improvement process

Now call my BSc in Mathematics a waste of tax payers money but even my 5 year old and 7 year old might be able to count the fact that the model as described in the current literature has EIGHT boxes?

A final thought: The missing ITIL Book? (People, People, People: A guide to why people and ITIL matters to the successful implementation and improvement of Processes?) Woeful lack of guidence for the practical implementor of process.

Everything Changes and We Change With IT

Little Brother Skeptic

seven steps

I think you'll find getting between eight boxes involves seven steps ;-D (B.Sc. Operations Research)

And please, I'm the IT Skeptic. Wouldn't dream of using OGC's registered trademark (unlike dozens of websites and authors who are in for a shock if OGC are serious about improving their IP enforcement).

there ARE eight boxes in the Seven Step Process, and eight steps

Dang! I owe you an apology, Little Brother. Just got the book: there ARE eight boxes in the Seven Step Process, and eight steps between them (CSI, p43). Go figure!

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