The IT Skeptic is away

The IT Skeptic is away for the week.

No broadband, no narrow band, no GPRS, no WAP. No internet. So try not to break anything while I'm away, OK?

No phones: mobile, wireless or copper. Not even a party line. Not even a smoke signal.

No TV, no DVD, no radios, no stereos, no ghettoblasters, no walkmans or videomans or iPods or any other device designed to diminish one's sensory appreciation of this wonderful planet. Maybe our guitars if we can be bothered carrying them in.

No Harleys, no parties, no neighbours playing dope-smoking music or black criminal music. Just one noisy kid. No refrigerators buzzing, dishwashers sluicing, washing machines taking off, PCs humming. No thumping generators. No power. Hopefully no chainsaws and damn sure no leafblowers or lawnmowers. Not even toilets flushing :-) Just a crackling stove and a hissing lantern.

No trucks, no helicopters (well not many), no cars, no traffic except that 21st Century track-hazzard: the mountain bike.

Just me and my son and a dozen square miles of high alpine valley all to ourselves (apart from the occasional passing mountain biker or ranger).

Just a billion stars at night and nearly as many crickets in the day. Just birds and hares and deer and tinkling water. And probably some snow and wind and rain but that's all part of the fun.

Nothing to do but walk and talk and dam the creek and climb the col and visit Dad's and my sister' ashes.

I should be back refreshed on the 25th. Be good.


Ahah - at last potential proof you are not me

Just for the record - I am NOT the ITSKEPTIC.....! Well at least if this picture is anything to go by....

Nor am I

Nor am I if this picture is anything to go by... I'm not this small, and I'm not brown: it is my son :-D

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