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There used to be a post here being very rude about a UK training company, because I was annoyed by one mindless comment-spam from them (and a crappy post that the spam was pimping).

After an email from the company explaining that the person

...who submitted the comment (and the article - which was very poorly
written and irrelevant to your post), has only been with the organisation a
short time - he had been tasked with raising the profile of our new ITIL
site. He took it upon himself to submit this comment without running it by
me or another manager - this will never happen again!!

Needless to say, measures are now in place to ensure that no hastily
cobbled together content of this nature is ever published on our site again
- and that no further comment-spamming activity is undertaken.

My apologies again

That's good enough for me to take the counter-abuse down.

There are some lessons here for us.

  • Your website is your front window to your business. Don't give the new boy the job of writing content
  • No matter how small or busy your company, always review content before it is posted
  • Train staff in how to engage with the web community. Hire reputable professionals to promote content (not discount operators who spam even more shabbily).

Kids see graffiti all the time on the street. That doesn't mean tagging is appropriate in office buildings. The new generations are learning some bad attitudes on the public web. They see this spamming crap every day. You might get away with it on the Gamers Who Rock forum, but don't do it here.

Speaking of the front window of your business, I'm reminded of a story. Guy rushes into a shop:
"Quick can you fix my watch please? I'm rushing to the airport"
"We don't fix watches"
"OK sell me a cheap one then. Please hurry"
"We don't sell watches either"
"OK how about a small travelling clock then?"
"We don't sell clocks either"
"Well what do you do then? The shop window is full of clocks"
"We neuter cats"
"You neuter cats? What the hell are you doing with a shop window full of clocks then?"
"What would you put in the window?"


You too?

I received the same spam on my blog site, and coincidentally, created a similar blog post stating how cheap it is to advertise in such a manner. To top it off, any company named "Silicon Beach" should probably advertise in plastic surgery since "silicon" and "beach" make me think of something completely different than IT, especially since I used to live in L.A.

Good text is hard to find

We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

Best Regards,

Does ITIL give good text?

Does ITIL give good text?

Good text

...only if you like paying for it............

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