The future whispered to me at PINK14

Amongst all the cool stuff at PINK14, there was one brief event the significance of which may have passed most people by. The future of ITSM whispered to me.

Welcome to the Web Wide World

Welcome to the Web Wide World. Many readers of this blog are so immersed in the world that the Web has created that you take it for granted, but let's not. The flattened shrunken world of the Internet has this power to change lives. It strikes me every day, because I live it.

See you in Vegas for the Pink Elephant conference?

The IT Skeptic will be in attendance at the 15th Annual IT Management Conference in the Bellagio, Las Vegas, 21st-23rd February (come see me in my booth!). It's not too late to get along to the biggest and best ITSM conference around. Check out the depth and breadth of the content.

Rant vs counter-rant: the ITIL V3 Certification Scheme

Pierre Bernard over at Pink Elephant had a "personal rant" about "people «complaining» about the ITIL® V3 scheme" and "much negativity presently in various blogs and social media sites about the ITIL® v3 scheme". That'd be me, for one, so I feel compelled to comment.

emerging trends and themes of IT Service Management

A funny thing happened on the way to the conference... Those interested in emerging trends and themes of ITSM should check out my posts over at the Pink Elephant Conference Blog, regarding why the conference name was changed from IT Service Management to IT Management, and what I think are the four strong emergent themes of IT Management for 2010/2011. Let's get some discussion going over them...

Why the difference in numbers between PinkVerify and OGC ITIL product certifications?

There appears to be more vendors certifying their products against more processes on PinkVerify than the OGC scheme. Why is that? What can OGC learn from Pink about making it easier for vendors? or does it show that PinkVerify is too easy? Does it matter?

An outage on the IT Skeptic website and why technology hates me

I hate technology. Really. I work with it every day, but I feel about it the same way that sanitation workers feel about their medium (or the way I HOPE they feel about it). I use technology when I have to, to do what I want to do. But I hate it. And it knows it and it hates me back. Take for example the weekend's outage on this blog.

The Exhibit Hall Optimizer

It is not too late to sign up for Pink Elephant's 14th Annual ITSM Conference in Las Vegas next month. I'll see you there. If you come along, we'll be introducing an entirely new feature: an Exhibit Hall Optimizer. I have created the EHOBOK, the Exhibit Hall Optimizer Body Of Knowledge, as a tool for you to extract maximum value from the vendor exhibits, usually a dead zone for some of us at a conference. Check it out on the Conference blog and discover important principles such as

5 Tips For Developing An ITSM Strategic Road Map

Over on the Pink Elephant conference blog, I talked to Pink Elephant’s AVP Product Strategy, Troy DuMoulin, who blogs regularly and – I think – with lots of insight. We don’t always agree (see my recent post) but anyone who themes his blog around the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has got to be worth reading, and the content rewards the effort.

Taking on the CMDB Deathstar

Anyone who has read my posts on CMDB and those of Troy DuMoulin on that same topic might think we disagree and they'd be right... but only partly. There is a lot we DO agree on over CMDB. Nevertheless I look forward to some brisk debate at the Pink conference in February in Vegas.

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