What ITIL V3 says about the distinction between a Call and an Incident

A hundred users call up and say they can't get emails. One incident or 100?

Fundamental and simple question. Go check ITIL for the answer. I'll wait.

Response Management

The more I think about it the more convinced I become that the way ITIL and COBIT and ISO20000 structure incident and request fails the basic test of being customer-focused or business-aligned.

ITIL V3 Service Operation disconnect between Incident and Problem Management

There seems to be a major disconnect between ITIL V3 Incident and Problem Management.

Say it ain't so!! ITIL V3 Incident and Problem processes do not determine the affected service

This BOKKE (body of knowledge known error) has been posted for a day or so, hundreds of views. I was sure someone would say "no you idiot, service impact analysis is right here" but not one. It seems to be true.

ITIL Incident, is there a better word for it?

Unemployed skeptics have too much time to ponder things. As I lay sprawled on the footpath outside the labour exchange in the sun, it occured to me that although we are stuck with the word "incident" for historical reasons, there must be a better word for it.

Are Incident and Complaint different things?

Continuing our philosophising over Incidents, the service management group down at the employment centre were wondering about Complaints and Incidents.

Incidents overwhelm problems

Problems suffer from the important/urgent dilemma. They are very important but struggle to get attention in the less mature shops over the incoming bombardment of incidents.

This is over simplistic but cute

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