SO 4.2 Incident Management process never determines the service

[corrected:] At no point in section 4.2, Incident Management, is determing the service ever mentioned. in fact services in general are hardly ever mentioned, other than refering to SLAs (for details see comment below).

Not even in incident categorisation or prioritisation or any activity. There is no mention of service impact analysis.

The CMS is only accessed to 'identify the CIs affected' and get 'relationships between CIs'. The Service Catalogue apparently doesn't exist.

See Say It Aint So for more discussion of this


I think SIA got renamed in

I think SIA got renamed in V3. That might explain why you can't find it. Have to consult my notes though.

Not only isn't service

Not only isn't service impact analysis mentioned, by any name, but almost the only mention of a service anywhere in 4.2 is in the definition of an incident (“…an unplanned interruption to an IT service…”) and in broad terms in 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.

Let's see. Incidnet indentification
"all key components should be monitored" - much more important is monioting the service level, the end-user experience. No mention incident logging
19 different attributes of an incident, none of them is the affected service categorisation
by 'hardware' or "software" but not service prioritization
"indication of impact is often... number of users affected" Note "loss of service" is a general term, it is not referring to THE service.
Hey there is a mention of service! Apparently "the number of services affected" contributes ot impact, but not what the services are.
Talk of LSA targets to be met, but no mention that we need to find out the service to know what SLA. diagnosis
"what has gone wrong" no mention of service. escalation
no service investigation and diagnosis
"full impact of the incident" no mwention of service resolution and recovery
Yay "...that the service has been fully restored to the user" closure
"check categorisation" is correct but apparently don't need to check that incident is recorded against correct service(s)

So OK the word "service" cropped up a couple of times. but there is NO mention of SIA, no CMS, and no service catalogue anywhere in the activiites. CMS does show up in 4.2.7 to "identify the CIs affected"

4.2.8 metrics
apparently we don't need to measure incidents by service

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