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Another IT Skeptic book available in Russian - what can you do with the IT Skeptic's material?

The planet is definitely a different shape than when I was young. It is not that it is small, or flat. It is some weird toroid I think, where faraway places come close. More of my books are now sold in Russian than in English. Owning ITIL® is now available translated into Russian by those clever chaps from Cleverics. They are clever in several ways:

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New LinkedIn group for Owning ITIL

I've launched a new group on LinkedIn. This group is for all decision makers (IT-literate or not) who are presented with an ITIL® proposal or asked to oversee an ITIL project, or who find something called “ITIL” or “Service Management” in their budget. It tells you what the ITIL industry won’t.

For everyone else involved in ITIL projects, join in to help you stay grounded and safe.

Reviews of Owning ITIL

Those of you who have read my book Owning ITIL, please take a moment to review it.

David Moskowitz has, on Amazon. He gave it two stars

Checklist ITIL environment health check

14 questions for an ITIL environment health check

Owning ITIL: project horror stories

[Bump to top - any more good stories out there? ] The IT Skeptic's new book Owning ITIL® is out now. The first ten people who contribute an accepted ITIL project horror story get a free copy of the book.

Owning ITIL® - a skeptical guide for decision makers

Right now Amazon.com are discounting the book to $27 - that's 20% off! - I have no control over how long they will do this for so don't miss it!
(Note: while you are there, Amazon will offer you a bundled package with another of my books, the satirically funny Introduction to Real ITSM.)

British readers may prefer to buy Owning ITIL® from amazon.co.uk for £25 and free delivery. See also Amazon.de, .jp etc

Now on Kindle!

Checklist post ITIL implementation review

14 questions for a post-ITIL-implementation review

1. How has this changed the way people think, speak and act? Describe instances/anecdotes.
2. What has been the feedback from customers? Suppliers?
3. How did we measure success? Did we measure against something other than ITIL? Did we succeed?
4. What has been re-scoped, deferred or dropped since the business case?
5. Are we measuring the ROI? When will we review again to check that we got the ROI expected in the business case?

Checklist progress of an ITIL project

14 questions to check on progress of an ITIL project

1. Have you encountered resistance? (Resistance is good). How have you / will you overcome that? (Ignored resistance is bad)
2. What champions have you ‘converted’ to the cause, who weren’t on board at the beginning?
3. What cultural change activities have you conducted: workshopping, communications (newsletters etc), consultation, walkthroughs, training, coaching, monitoring, feedback, celebration? NB. Emails don’t count as communication

Owning ITIL® recommendations

There are 104 numbered recommendations in the book Owning ITIL® and they are

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