Another IT Skeptic book available in Russian - what can you do with the IT Skeptic's material?

The planet is definitely a different shape than when I was young. It is not that it is small, or flat. It is some weird toroid I think, where faraway places come close. More of my books are now sold in Russian than in English. Owning ITIL® is now available translated into Russian by those clever chaps from Cleverics. They are clever in several ways:

  • The immensely clever Roman Jouravlev translated it
  • They came up with an effective way to add value for their clients and potential clients while at the same time doing some powerful marketing of their brand
  • Oleg knew how to cut a win-win deal and be a nice guy at the same time

I'm open to ideas for the use of my published material (books, articles, audio, posts) from clever folk who live on the rest of the toroid. Let's talk.

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