Checklist post ITIL implementation review

14 questions for a post-ITIL-implementation review

1. How has this changed the way people think, speak and act? Describe instances/anecdotes.
2. What has been the feedback from customers? Suppliers?
3. How did we measure success? Did we measure against something other than ITIL? Did we succeed?
4. What has been re-scoped, deferred or dropped since the business case?
5. Are we measuring the ROI? When will we review again to check that we got the ROI expected in the business case?
6. Who owns each and every process? One person per process. Do those people agree they are the owner?
7. Do we have procedure guides for each job role? How does each person know what is expected of them, what has changed in their world and how that impacts them? What KPIs do they have? Are we measuring those? What incentives do they have to meet those KPIs?
8. Where is the process documentation? How is it accessed? Who knows it is there? Who owns it and keeps it current? How much use is it getting?
9. What tools were implemented? Are they treated as production systems? (See p36)
10. Have we documented all adaptations, variations and exceptions to “standard” ITIL?
11. Most important of all: What processes are in place to consolidate and protect the investment made? Are we monitoring and reviewing and auditing process compliance? Process quality? Process subversion? (See p36) Are we doing regular skills refreshes? Is there a coaching program for staff who are finding it difficult? Are we training new staff? Are we celebrating success and finding new ways to invigorate the processes?
12. What is the ongoing continual improvement process? Who owns it? Who is funding it? Who is monitoring their accountability? What are we measuring? What are the improvement goals and who is setting them?
13. What are the succession plans? Who will be the next owners and stewards of ITIL?
14. What is the next phase or project? When will it be?

From the book Owning ITIL®

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