New LinkedIn group for Owning ITIL

I've launched a new group on LinkedIn. This group is for all decision makers (IT-literate or not) who are presented with an ITIL® proposal or asked to oversee an ITIL project, or who find something called “ITIL” or “Service Management” in their budget. It tells you what the ITIL industry won’t.

For everyone else involved in ITIL projects, join in to help you stay grounded and safe.

Every IT department in the world is at least pondering ITIL. As the ITIL projects proliferate, this group is for the executives who must fund them or manage them, and for those who ask those executives for money. We will discuss what ITIL is good for, what it is bad at, what to expect from it; how to ensure an ITIL project succeeds, what to look for in the business case, and how to measure the results.

So the focus is on viewing ITIL as a "black box" not getting into the detail of how it works, or doesn't. Plenty of other groups for that.

And the perspective is an executive one not an operational one. A fascinating area of study is how ITIL interacts with other domains like Project Management, Development, or Org Change. We're not into that here.

You could say we are about the Governance of ITIL, except I'm always telling people off for using "governance" in that way.

I think this group is about the Supervisory Management of ITIL in the real old-fashioned meaning of "management" before it came to mean "doing"



Do you find linkedin groups useful?

I get emails from for or five groups and almost none are ever commented on.. Seems like alot of noise..

Sort of reinforces the rule that building a community around a topic requires some high value content contributors to generate value. Group think alone doesn't cut it..

Hope the group does not get swamped with the garbage that a high traffic unmoderated site like linked in is prone to generate.

Brad Vaughan

Linkedin groups are good when

yeah a few groups are getting as bad as my inbox. Linkedin groups are good when
- the group is focused on a topic
- the moderators kick butt

Come check it out

LinkeIdin needs an archive search tool and...

LinkedIn, in my view, has the potential to be the #1 professional interaction resource but suffers from:

(1) Too many groups making it really hard to track important/interesting discussions without hours at the keyboard checking each group
- the weekly digest helps but usually it's rather late then to participate.
(2) The lack of a Search box that searches content across groups - I can't even find the comments that I wrote!
(3) Noise from Adverts and "see me" posts
(4) The LIONs who seem to me to be trying to be linked to everyone on the planet whether you have anything in common with them or not
(5) The Freds and Maritas who recommend each other ...but even worse at the same time so all their contacts can see that's the case!
(6) Responses that simply say "see my unrelated product here!"
(7) Why would anyone but a house-burglar want to know that Marcel Marceau is miming in Acapulco this week? (The travel notes)

I'm not on Facebook ("good for getting a different date every night, 18-30s tell me) or Twitter (spam but not as you know it!), so perhaps I'm just out of touch? Bring back VaxNotes, the original interaction tool.

Another big issue with LinkedIn is ...well.. the links

Another big issue with LinkedIn is ...well.. the links. It is not designed to be shared. You cannot send the link to a group discussion to anyone else unless they happen to also be in the group already.

Maybe they should have used ITIL?

You're using a service and product that you have a problem with? Just raise an incident - if enough people do then maybe it will get fixed? The ITIL way? Or.... did you pick the wrong tool and it's your decision is wrong because you didn't qualify your requirements before you started? Try get an IT person to help if any will talk to you. Or if you don't have luck there, maybe a kid who's 16 or something... (s)he'd probably be able to tell you what to do. You'll find them in the real world - they've no problem with peer communications...

My opinion only.


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