Clever marketing

I seldom read vendor bumph. But just this once as I was cleaning out an old conference bag the headline of a flyer caught my eye. It is clever.

Australasian company ProActive's flyer headline said:

E = MC + B
Expert = Manager's Cert + Bridge

With the inevitable picture of Einstein and all the bad puns about "we have the formula" "Now that's genius"...

But what a clever line.

And no Bob didn't put me up to this. This is an entirely unsolicited comment :-D


Orsyp ITIL Trivial Pursuit

The best piece of marketing I've ever seen on ITIL is done by Orsyp. They published an ITIL trivial pursuit with 408 questions about ITIL.



I don't get it. Someone please explain. I know about E=mc^2, but E=MC+B? If it's just because E=MC+B kind of looks like E=mc^2 then it's lame. Am I missing something?

a reflection?

No you're not missing anything. Maybe its lame but it just tickled me. perhaps it is a sad reflection on all the other ITSM marketing :-D

ITSM marketing?

Phew! And I thought I was also missing it. There has not been any memorable marketing for ITSM and none for IT generically since 1984.

Less of the 'marketing bashing' thanks

As someone involved in ITSM marketing, I’m used to ‘marketing bashing’. And I know that many ITSM marketing bods deserve this bashing - but please don’t tar us all with the same brush. No matter how hard we try, we can never transform ITSM into the world's most exciting subject - nor does it have the most enigmatic personalities involved. So please don’t criticize until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes.

the pizzazz of dung

You have my sympathy. ITSM is regarded within IT Operations like IT Operations is regarded within IT like IT is regarded within business. We are the bottom of the fascination heap. We have same marketing pizzazz as dung.

Let me know if you'd like 100 copies of Introduction to Real ITSM - they say humour is the best marketing ... or something like that


... for a skin cream manufacturer

Brad Vaughan

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