Do you know what value the business wants?

We have been posting cards from the ABC of ICT card deck from GamingWorks to see what the response is, as a sort of informal opinion polling.

Those who responded to the last one were more polarised than the first poll. (Of course that might be becauser this time I didn't provide the weasel-option of "maybe"). Last time we asked what people thought of the statement "Lack of Management Commitment seriously affects project delivery in our organization" and got a resounding Yes. As a devout fan of Dilbert and especially The Dilbert Principle I'm hardly surprised that listless management would be a clear issue.

Let's try another. "IT is unable to specify the Value required by the business". What do you think of that statement in the context of your own organisation (or client)?

ABC Value Joker


50 reads and 5 votes? c'mon gang!

Apathy Rules!... i suppose. Whatever.

50 people read this post and 5 clicked the vote button. Sigh. Web 2.0 is about interaction and user contribution remember?

I got access denied when I tried to vote.

The question is difficult. I think that in many cases IT understands the business pretty well. The difficulty is in showing the contribution to the business.

Sorry, I've fixed the access problem

Sorry, I've fixed the access problem. ironically it was something i did just then trying to make it easier :-(

Excellent point. You mean the difficulty is in being able to articulate it in business terms, or just difficulty being able to find it?

In some cases it is

In some cases it is difficult to find or prove it. What you hear most is the negative value of IT when something bad has hapened.

Value is Intrinsic

Brushing off my $2.00 words...
The value of IT is unfortunately best proven by its absence.
The value of ITSM is that it provides a language and mechanism for specialists to share their knowledge and build better solutions.

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