Google Trends is always interesting

I got whipped in the stock market bubble like many people, so I'm the last to read too much into graphs any more, but nevertheless I always find Google Trends interesting.

Could it be that CMDB is finally getting over the top of the hype curve? While the media whips itself into ever increasing frenzy serving its advertisers (bottom line) to try to reverse the trend, the public interest (top line) seems to me to be definitely trending down.
cmdb trend September 2008
cmdb google trend

ITIL (red line) looks to be quietly going the same way but ITIL V3 (blue line) is still climbing strongly from a low base

ITIL vesus V3 trend 2008
ITIL vesus V3 google trend

Interestingly, despite anecdotal reports of rising interest and the media working hard, ISO20000 seems to be going nowhere (the red and blue are different variations on the spelling)

ISO20000 google trend 2008ISO20000 google trend

To a COBIT fan like me, its trend is not good. It is obviously getting no traction with the public. Can ISACA/ITGI reverse this? I doubt they care much. They are not vendor driven (yet), and COBIT rates strongly with the small audience it was written for.

COBIT google trend 2008COBIT google trend

itSMF seems to be losing the public's attention too, but boy! did the media engine swing into action for the recent USA conference or what? An all-time high!

itsmf google trenditsmf google trend


ITIL in Indonesia

Hi Skeptic,

I was intrigued to have a look on the stats myself, so I wend to google trends and was supprised to see Indonesia as the number 1 country where ITIL searches were originating from. This somehow truck me as odd. At least there is no Indonesian itSMF Chapter. So I checked for the meaning of ITIL in bahasa / indonesian.

I guess the trend you found is more indicative of the reduced interest for female sexual organs from Indonsia ( than anything that relates to ITIL as we now it.

Again, never trust a statistical analysis that you did not fake yourself....


high traffic from Indonesia

You have just solved a mystery for me. I've noticed high traffic from Indonesia.

I write a "Did you know" item in the local iTSMF newsletter. i don't think i can use this....

ISO 20000 is growing and picking up speed

The Google graph for ISO 20k does not show much growth but the number of certificated companies is growing. When I first became interested in ISO 20k, in mid 2006 there were about 50 certificates. Sometime in 2007 the number had grown to 80. February 2008 it was 180. Today there are 265 certificates published at

The growth is exponential, that is the speed of growth is growing. I do not think it is stopping soon, the numbers per country are so small yet.


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