itSMF International website adrift

Is the itSMF International website adrift again?

Worrying signs up at Castle ITIL:

  • Apparently nothing has happened at itSMFI since August 29th, according to the home page (tell that to the Kenyan chapter who launched on Nov 4th) [update: fixed now]
  • The events page is broken [update 12/12/08 still not fixed]
  • and a petty one: once you adopt Drupal's "usernode" mechanism, links such as "Recent Posts" get full of useless user information


The right URL helps....


OK I give up which URL is

OK I give up

which URL is wrong?

Correct URL for itSMF USA

Hi everyone... by the way the correct URL to access the itSMF USA site is as follows:

The old URL of did not work for quite a long time but is working as of this week as a redirect to

I must say that in my time working with itSMF USA as a Board member and subsequently as an advisory board member very good records of the accounts were kept and always available to members. I have every reason to believe this has continued, especially with David at the helm.

I cannot speak for International's affairs. Given the management of that aspect was outsourced to an organization that specializes in doing just this I would expect the same. The challenge has always been relating expenses and return on investment back to the mission and stated goals... as with any organization.

Run by Volunteers

to be fair, itSMF is a volunteer organization, and board members are not paid for their efforts.

I wouldn't set my expectations too my experience they are more of a networking organization and not one that provides valuable content.

not the Red Cross

Don't give me that "volunteers" stuff.

The Board are elected yes. Every one of them makes their fulltime living from Service Management, most of then paid by a vendor employer who would consider Board service an investment in branding and influence. This isn't the Red Cross.

itSMF International turns over millions per annum (of our membership fees as well as sponsorships) and pays itSMFuk for contracted administrative services from fulltime professional employees, including a webmaster.

Is it just me?

A stupid question but why on earth would itSMF UK want to make itSMF international's website better than their own?

Second That...


I'm with you. I've been associated with a number of non-profits and all had significantly LESS money than itSMF. They still managed to build an effective online presence and keep it relevant.

Where exactly is all the money going? -- Trips? Yachts? Cars? Bulk purchases of v3 books for resale? ITIL Practitioners Pensioner Fund?
When was the last time an annual report was provided showing what got produced and where the money goes?


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