The Skeptical Informer 2013 number 10: We're baaaack!

The IT Skeptic's Skeptical Informer newsletter for 10th August 2013.

The Skeptical Informer

There has been a bit of a hiatus with this newsletter sorry, three months to be exact. I'm delighted to say I have been working. Real work that involves money, unlike blogging, book-writing and - ahem - newsletter publishing.

And I'm still busy, helping a telco write an RFP response; developing an operating model for a shared system between two hospitals; creating a business model for a shared services organisation; coaching a Service Delivery Manager who is new to the role; and helping identify opportunities to use a service desk tool in line-of-business service management. All nice crunchy stuff. It's good to be back at the coalface, where the real ideas grow. Back in RealIT, the reality of real IT, as I recently blogged.

I've also been busy with conferences, having appeared at the ITIL Forum in Switzerland, the SDI conference in the UK, and LEADIt in Australia. Please suggest me to conference organisers in your area as a potential speaker.

And I showed up in the press, with an article in TechWorld and other publications about Kamu, my initiative to find common ground between Devops and trad ITSM. These are exciting times, as DevOps soars up the Hype Curve and trad ITSM enters uncertain times. Both DevOps and ITSM are challenged by the new IT model of multi-sourced complex value chains, so as we both evolve to deal with new supplier models, this would be a good time for us to grow together.

ImageFinally my new book Plus! The Standard+Case Approach is going gang-busters, with lots and lots of positive feedback. The ITSM Review ran a competition for the best review of the book - still waiting for the result when this newsletter goes to press.

Hopefully my life will quieten down a little for the rest of the year and I can focus on organising the "Pink Think Tank" track for the PINK14 conference in Las Vegas next year, and writing my NEXT book, on "Slow IT and Fast IT".

Fun times.

What's that? Oh right, juicy gossip.
Well nobody from Axelos saw fit to show up to one of the biggest itSMF conferences in the world, LEADit in Australia. And G2G3's new North American employee, Ian Clayton, didn't show even though he was billed as a keynote speaker. Seems Axelos doesn't need itSMF.
Chris Dancy wasn't there either - that's another story.

Watch for more Axelos hires in coming weeks.

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