Two new heads

No that isn't a reference to a hillbilly's baby. We've seen two announcements this past week of people heading up organisations owning major bodies of knowledge: the Capita ITIL-PRINCE2 JV, and ISACA. Somewhat of a contrast.

I'm starting to wonder if they time these things for when I'm out of town. The JV was announced when I was deep in the Southern Alps and the appointment of the JV's CEO was announced last week while I was in the Swiss Alps (at the excellent ITIL Forum). Spooky. No that's just egotistical paranoia.

Whatever, the new CEO of the as-yet-still-unnamed-JV has been announced (pdf) as a corporate exec, Peter Hepworth. Computerworld UK incorrectly stated that Peter is "Managing director of a US west coast gaming company". That must have caused a few old chaps to spit their sherry. No, he's a Brit, with a background in gaming, cakes, and makeup.

Contrast that with the appointment of Tony Hayes, CGEIT, AFCHSE, CHE, FACS, FCPA, FIIA, Deputy Director-General of the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, as international president of ISACA. Tony is a long-time member of the ISACA Board, one of the old boys. Steady as she goes for ISACA. As always, no fuss, no drama (at least none visible).

As ever, comparing ITIL politics to COBIT politics is like comparing a frat house to a library Click to tweet.

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