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After three years of this blog there's someone I should thank: the folk at WestHost who have kept it running almost without a hitch all that time. I've run this blog on virtual servers and real ones, all hosted in Utah by the nice WestHost folk. The service has been impeccable, from real live humans who are invariably polite, patient, responsive and helpful. There are slightly cheaper deals out there but not much and with a lot more unhappy customers on the forums: I think WestHost is a great deal. We've had a couple of glitches over the the years, only one of which was their fault as we moved from one server to another and the domain didn't come along. They jumped to fix them both times. The rest of the time it has chugged quietly away, the technology upgrading from time to time, backups backing up and servers serving. I'm a very happy customer.

Third Anniversary of The IT Skeptic

Congratulations to the IT Skeptic on three years of blogging. I've been invited to write a few words on this occasion.

The Magnolia bursts

How to lose four years of your life in a few days - a lesson to IT startups. social bookmarking site disappears in a puff of data due to amateur infrastructure. There are some serious questions to ask about this whole amateur cowboy web startup cloud open thing. I've questioned the quality or craftsmanship or durability of what is being built. I've questioned the long-term preservation of it. Now we can also question the expertise of those building it. Think about where your data is and who you are entrusting it to.

The Worst of the IT Skeptic

Cover of The Worst of the IT Skeptic At last, for fans of the IT Skeptic, The Worst of the IT Skeptic is on sale: a compilation of posts from the last three years so that you can conveniently read the wickedest wackiest wittiest posts from your favourite IT bombast.

This content is delivered to you in a special media presentation technology known as a "book": affordable, flexible, robust, light, compact, wireless, with a remarkably low power consumption, zero boot time, integral bookmarking and annotation functions, permitted on airplanes even during takeoff and landing, and readable in daylight.

The IT Skeptic podcasts

The IT Skeptic seeks feedback on my podcasts.

Updated terms and conditions for this site

The terms and conditions of use of this site have been updated in preparation for Google's new "interest-based advertising". The following text has been added:

Blog SLA change and service interruption

Dear user,

The IT Skeptic is unilaterally revising your SLA.
To make the change, there will be an outage on Monday, March 2nd sometime between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. MST.
Have a nice day and thank-you for choosing the IT Skeptic


IT Skeptic site worth assessed

There is a website that provides a commercial resale value for URLs. I'm delighted to learn that this blog's URL,

Press information

For anyone wanting background information on this blog and the IT Skeptic:

The IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery

Readers of this website can be assumed to have a certain non-conformist spirit and at least a modicum of independent thought, so "Rogues Gallery" is an appropriate name for images of readers. Send us your photo wearing an IT Skeptic T-shirt or cap, or waving an IT Skeptic coffee mug Wally-fashion, and you can join the Rogues Gallery of IT Skeptics.

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