Third Anniversary of The IT Skeptic

Congratulations to the IT Skeptic on three years of blogging. I've been invited to write a few words on this occasion.

The IT Skeptic performs an important function in an industry overloaded with hype and mis-information, and at times out-and-out deceit. He is a noisy little dog snapping at the heels of a multi-billion-dollar money machine. Although he sometimes annoys and embarasses me, I hope he keeps it up for the good of the ITIL movement and of the ITSM industry in general - and most of all in the interests of the ITSM consumers who fund the whole circus.

I don't always see eye to eye with The IT Skeptic but we have pretty similar views on most things. He's generally a decent bloke as journalists go, except when he gets riled, and he tries hard to be fair and accurate. My association with the IT Skeptic over these three years has not always been good for my own career or relationships within the industry but I have learned a lot and communicated with many interesting people. Thanks to the recession I need to spend more time elsewhere this year but I'll still watch his ongoing activities with interest.

I hope you, the readers, will keep watching too. Get involved. Give him your support. Most of all, enjoy the show.


The swami


Never mind Rob England, whoever he is, couldn't the swami be persuaded to say a few words to celebrate the event? The world seems to have changed still more since his last all too brief visit*

Seriously many congrats, the site has established itself as a force for good in the too often self centred world of ITSM**. I've learnt a lot from all my fellow contributors to the discussions you've started.

Keep it up, and don't sell out.


* I believe "all too brief visit " is not a description used by anyone who has shared the same hemisphere of the planet as the swami

**sad but true isn't it?

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