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The IT Skeptic seeks feedback on my podcasts.

First my apologies for the poor sound quality on two recent podcasts - a strong hiss. I'm working on it and won't do any more until I fix it or can use Audacity to get it out. I've been so busy pumping books out this has slipped. I'll get back on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It is quite different speaking to an audience you can't see who are probably driving or walking or otherwise distracted. I have no way of knowing if I am getting the message across, unlike a live audience. I don't have my own opinions on what makes a good podcast as I don't ever listen to them except sometimes Cote's one (hey Michael, what's this I hear about Sun and IBM?). I don't have the patience for podcats and I struggle with eating and walking simultaneously. Regular readers may recall I never consume any media except lots of books, Economist headlines on the web (can't afford to subscribe any more) and occasional TV once every few weeks with my son. I think the last movie I went to with my wife was Men In Black and the last DVD I watched at home was Madagascar :D

Should I repeat the point more? Give more mindmaps of the topic? Talk faster? Is the formal style too boring? Did you like the bombastic pompous ones? Would you enjoy some long rambling ad lib podcasts? Let me know what you would like to hear.

And how often. Would you like more?

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