What a drag spammers are

I was just about to delete the two hundred and second bit of spam commenting when I thought: no, let the folks see this crap.

So look at this [Oops accidentally deleted it. You'll have to take my word for it]. Illiterate. Useless. Insultingly stupid. I clean this stuff up regularly like puppy piddle.

One more for the Links page

An IT Skeptic has gotta love a website called IT Project Failures so a special thankyou to Terry Doerscher for pointing us to it. It is a fascinating read. Nice to see SAP featuring at the top today - what a surprise.

One more for the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery

One more for the IT Skeptic's Rogues Gallery. Remember we have a competition on. Best photo in an IT Skeptic t-shirt or cap (or even waving a mug) by end of August gets a free copy of the upcoming Real ITSM book. This shot is of Mike Walter, President, Atlanta Local Interest Group, itSMF USA.

Colourful ads

OK I know the ad block to the right here is not exactly in keeping with the aesthetics of the site, but regular readers will know that this whole blog is one long experiment in web publishing, so sorry we'll live with it for a while.

Sorry about the outages over the last 24 hours

Sorry about the outages over the last 24 hours. WestHost has had a power problem. It is one hiccup in normally superb service. Wonder who their UPS manufacturer is eh?

The soundtrack to the IT Skeptic blog

I thought I'd add a suggested soundtrack to the IT Skeptic blog

Note: only US readers can buy but anyone can listen :-D


In response to popular demand, now you can choose your ITILearner mug, cap, badge, mousepad or clothing in the colours of your country's Learner Driver symbol. C'mon, own up!

New subscription system for the IT Skeptic website

TO ALL REGISTERED USERS OF THIS WEBSITE: Please bear with us as we bed in a new subscription system for this website - the system that sends you notification emails.

Where the IT Skeptic has been

craigieburn 2 The IT Skeptic's trip to the Netherlands for the itSMF conference did not cause noticeable interruption to this blog, but the subsequent trip to New Zealand's Southern Alps did. No internet, no mobile phone, no earth-phone, no mailman ... heaven.

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