Why the IT Skeptic site exists

Since the IT Skeptic is banging on about transparency, I thought a disclosure of this site's motivations might be in order. There is an agenda here which, whilst not hidden, has not been discussed.

I want to be an internet entrepreneur. In the past 18 months I have been on a tremendous learning curve to acquire all the social, business and technical knowledge and skills required to do this.

This site is in fact a learning experiment for me, a sandbox, a pilot. Or at any rate that is how it started out: to get my views out there and to learn how to build and run a blog in the process.

Along the way this site has acquired considerably more momentum than I anticipated. It has become more work and responsibility than I planned. In return it has taught me a lot more than I imagined, introduced me to lots of people, opened several unexpected avenues for me, and proved to be loads of fun.

So if odd things come and go on the site, things change, even .. gulp ... break occasionally, it is because I am experimenting, learning, getting ready for That Which Comes After, various sites which are aggressively commercial.

Sorry if that makes you feel like guinea pigs. But you are. If it is any compensation so am I - I'm part of the experiment - and I'm the one running the treadmill.

Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far. I hope you get as much benefit from the site as I do - I certainly strive to make it so.


the democratic power of Web 2.0

Oh, one more thing a conversation just reminded me of.

My personal interest on the internet is social computing or Web 2.0. This blog has made me intrigued by the democratic power of Web 2.0 and I have already served notice that I intend to explore that power. You can see the first rumblings on this blog already...

COBIT Skeptic

Dear IT Skeptic - Great research project. The web is quite incredible. Web 1 or 2 or 3. Kind of like ITIL. My colleague Jatin in Delhi just created the first draft of the ITpreneurs Forum today (http://forum.itpreneurs.com), and it is already snowballing. In any case, would be happy to get your input into the ITpreneur Forum.

Regarding your research project, according to my guru ranking, you are the #2 guru in the ITIL thought leader league, behind Brian Johnson but just ahead of Sharon Taylor, who's popularity amazingly dropped by 20% in the last few weeks.

The Cobit Skeptic with a small obi

How do you calculate your

How do you calculate your 'guru ranking?'?

And is anyone surprised that Sharon Taylor's ranking has plummeted (on whatever guru ranking basis) as the details of the v3 exams came out?

The examination system is the result of hard-fought politicking

Now be nice to Sharon: I think she has done an extraordinary job. The examination system is the result of hard-fought politicking by "committees" of avaricious competitors trying to maximise revenue and optimise their own position. their "governor" is a for-profit enterprise with entirely the same interests. Waddya expect the result to be? And why hang that on Sharon, Chief Examiner or not...

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