Colourful ads

OK I know the ad block to the right here is not exactly in keeping with the aesthetics of the site, but regular readers will know that this whole blog is one long experiment in web publishing, so sorry we'll live with it for a while.


She's gone

I bumped it way down the bottom of the page. I couldn't bear to look at that woman any longer and the "love button" was just embarassing. If you're curious it made $6.99

It figures...

I was quite enjoying that... now you've done it! ;-P


she's still down there

...down the bottom of the righthand blocks, laughing away. The very idea that someone could feel that way about a Service Desk is a cause for concern.

But now I have to work for it...

Heh. I understand your "cause for concern", but maybe it's intended as commentary on the situation and not excitement!

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