What a drag spammers are

I was just about to delete the two hundred and second bit of spam commenting when I thought: no, let the folks see this crap.

So look at this [Oops accidentally deleted it. You'll have to take my word for it]. Illiterate. Useless. Insultingly stupid. I clean this stuff up regularly like puppy piddle.

Xrumer had a url behind his name which I have deleted to deny him the linky love he craves. The website is in Cyrillic [sp?] script on an IP address registered to a Russian URL that is supposed to be the banking system. There are 143 other sites on the same server. Far as I can tell through the opaque lens of Google translator, he's a new startup Russian SEO "expert" with no Google page rank. Well if he thinks he can piggyback off my PR with useless posts like that he can f*** off.

Actually Xrumer is a spam engine not a person - his name isn't on the blog so we'll continue to call him Xrumer. Well the lovely Akismet shuts it down. I wish all webmasters would keep their sites as clean as I do - it'd stop these jerks in their tracks. Everyone should have Akismet.

Pillocks like this put a drag on the system. Not as bad as email spammers but bad enough. 99.999% of web users are honest folk. A few spew out crap like this. His English is so bad it isn't even worth my while abusing and threatening him (as I have done in the past to an Italian site). Stuff so anti-social as this, so devoid of any merit, leaves me purple with rage.

Long ago the IT Swami predicted the CIA would head into eastern Europe to top wankers* like Xrumer. Wishful thinking.

*Americans: look it up.

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