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No we haven't passed the Turing Test

The New IT Age brigade will be all in a tizzy over the announcement that a computer has passed the Turing Test. We haven't, not really. We may have passed a silly little game, but we're not even close to an Artificial Intelligence that is indistinguishable from human.

Be cautious about artificial intelligence

At a CA conference last century, I listened to a far-out guy with a mass of dreds talk about virtual reality. (Then I got to don a heavy headset and do battle with colleagues and pterodactyls). That guy was Jaron Lanier. Fast forward to my first copy of "Communications of the ACM" as a new member. It is a livelier read than most equivalent publications, a pleasant surprise for a fusty old org like the ACM. In fact I think it nearly justifies the fee without counting all the other excellent perks of membership. And there is an article by Jaron, Confusions of the Hive Mind. And it says something excellent about AI:

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