On account of the economy

Today I want to talk about the economy again. I've always loved that line from Bruce Springsteen "Lately there ain't been much work on account of the economy". The lad in the song has no idea what that means "the economy": it is just what they told him when they turned him away and what he heard on the TV.

Be cautious about artificial intelligence

At a CA conference last century, I listened to a far-out guy with a mass of dreds talk about virtual reality. (Then I got to don a heavy headset and do battle with colleagues and pterodactyls). That guy was Jaron Lanier. Fast forward to my first copy of "Communications of the ACM" as a new member. It is a livelier read than most equivalent publications, a pleasant surprise for a fusty old org like the ACM. In fact I think it nearly justifies the fee without counting all the other excellent perks of membership. And there is an article by Jaron, Confusions of the Hive Mind. And it says something excellent about AI:

Self-deluding optimism over the recession

It is really bugging me the folk who don't seem to realise there's a recession slowly gathering momentum. It's like people fishing on the beach after a tsunami warning has been issued. A couple of waves lap up and they go "oh good that's over". NO IT ISN"T.

Satyam, Sallie Mae, and call center outsourcing

Recession brings out the worst in us all. The jingoism in the USA over Satyam's currrent spot of bother is hypocritical in the extreme. Satyam could have used some SOX just like the USA badly needed it so few years ago. And bringing home the jobs is just cynical xenophobic PR.

How long will the IT recession last?

Newsflash for internet writers: The recession isn't over. It hasn't even really got going yet. Stop trying to talk the market back up. It doesn't work for real estate agents and it doesn't work for IT. Get real.

Recession Recession Recession Recession Recession Recession Recession Recession

Come on people, say it: "recession". Enough of "these troubled times" and "the current conditions". Stop tiptoeing around and face up to what will certainly be the biggest recession in our working careers and in the worst case the first depression since the 30s. Euphemisms only mask the problem and retard preparations. Batten down the hatches. And don't expect business as usual for ITIL.

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