new age

No we haven't passed the Turing Test

The New IT Age brigade will be all in a tizzy over the announcement that a computer has passed the Turing Test. We haven't, not really. We may have passed a silly little game, but we're not even close to an Artificial Intelligence that is indistinguishable from human.

On entitlement and bodies of knowledge

We've had two recent attempts to seed change in ITSM: SMCongess and SMArch [aka ArchSM or Taking Service Forward or TSF or Adaptive Service Model or ASM....] The response has not all been edifying.

On collaboration and debate

Social media has taken collaboration to new levels of connectivity over distance and inter-connectedness of specialists. We are creating whole, new online business communities thinking and working together. Business collaboration isn't some kumbaya love-fest. Tweet this. Collaboration is not going to reconcile east and west or spawn a better society. Collaboration facilitates debate and grows ideas.

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