Public review of the ITIL V3 Foundation Syllabus: who knew?

APMG have just run an anonymous public survey for "your valuable feedback" on the ITIL V3 Foundation Syllabus. Who knew? Oh, come on! You had a whole five days to hear about it and respond.

I discovered the hard way that I have not been monitoring the itSMF International website via RSS. For those in a similar situation, the link is or I have fixed the IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe.

How many readers heard about APMG's review of the ITIL V3 Foundation syllabus within the five day window between it being announced by itSMFI on September 12th and submissions closing on September 17th? A five day window is one way to ensure you hear from those you want to hear from.

It was also on the Official Site (which has no RSS feed) from 1st September. It may have been on the APMG website but not that I can tell


Output from V3 Foundation and Foundation bridge Review released

I have just received a document from ISEB.
"A summarized version of the survey results will be made available on the Accreditor website"

As far as I can see, the major recommended changes are
• The depth and breadth of the Syllabus to be adjusted to take account of the survey feedback.
• Increase Total Contact Hours (excl. Exam 18 hours).
The improved syllabus will be made available to all ATOs by 17th December 2008 with the sample papers being made available early in the New Year.
Foundation bridge
• Adjust learning hours within the syllabus to ensure that delegates have the same V3 level of
understanding as they would get from the Full Foundation Course.
• Increase Total Contact Hours (excl. Exam 9.5 hours).
So that makes it impossible to do in 1 day, increasing the cost.
Liz Gallacher
Freelance Trainer and Consultant

Output from V3 Foundation and Foundation bridge Review released

Having trained both V3 Foundation and Bridge, I find these recommendations most welcome. The current syllabus simply doesn't leave much time for discussion and explanations. Another thing is how this will affect the popularity of the courses as they will, besides having higher cost, take more time from the students.

Erkki Viitanen
Senior Consultant, ITSM

More time wlcome

I agree - I hated teaching Foundation Bridge, as I felt that because it was basically a cramming session, they would forget as quickly as they learnt. I just wonder if the market will support a 2 day course - I would advise people that a full V3 foundation would be better value if they can afford the time.
Liz Gallacher
Freelance Trainer and Consultant

Not enough time or too much content....


Hope Skep can find my original blogs on this circa May 2007... the ITIL V3 Foundation syllabus started out too big and remains too big. The exam is too small. The increase in hours does not address (yet) self-study and accredited elearning criteria and albeit welcome still short of the 4 days I recommended way back.

I agree wholeheartedly with your Bridge comment. One day is ludicrous and makes about as much sense as the singer of the same name. I also recommend they not bother and sit a V3 full class.... and to back all this up I actually analyzed the scope of the V2 and V3 syllabii with startling results....

In my train-the trainer instructor guides I point out:

V2 syllabus was @ 600 pages, 120 figures, 29 tables... containing 11 subject areas - 18 hrs
V3 has 1120+ pages, 377 figures (Strategy has as many as V2!), and 130+ tables... oh and 35 subject areas.... 16 hrs 15 mins - now 18hrs...

Can they do math?

I stand by my prediction of last earlier this year - these classes and many other components will go online and be available from the 'official source' - TSO as soon as they can figure out how to handle a worldwide market... if you are an accredited trainer or training organization ask them what they are up to including elearning in all syllabi... all.... without notice and as a late addendum....

Skep - how do I link to other blog articles on your website?

QUICK if you want to comment on ITIL V3 Foundations can do it here until September 26th, though obviously not anonymously

Check Again, Surveys are closed

Maybe APMG does not understand how calendars work, but the surveys are closed. And the site says input was due by end of business Sept 17.

Me thinks this may skew the results

Still time

Go to the forum link and scroll down (the forum doesn't seem to have anchored links). "If you have missed the opportunity to comment on either the v3 Foundation or Foundation Bridge syllabus, you may do so here until Friday, 26th September."

typing error?

Hi Skep,

The typing error on the official site is funny: "a wide rage (!) of stakeholders"

Love it

I love it. Quite apropos really. Prescient even :-D

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