HP cuts 24,600 over three years - there's a way to boost morale and customer focus

Don't expect laser focus from your HP providers over the next three years, they'll all be wondering if they have a job. 24,600 don't. And that's the official number starting out.

I like HP. They helped convince the Yanks that ITIL is a good idea. But I've previously commented on how their acquisition process needs work. How can it possibly be good business to take three years to tell people if they are in or out? If they think it will ginger them up, they are wrong. It is a great de-motivator. I've seen a company gut itself that way (not my previous employer - they were pretty good at acquisition :)

I wonder if they shovel the "staff are our most valued asset" stuff at HP. Dilbert decided they actually come ninth, after paperclips. if you really value your people you get the ugly stuff over with as fast as you can.


Unable & Useless

Similar thing happened at Cable & Wireless. When Energis took over the new CEO announced 3000 jobs cut in three years.

As a footnote the previous C&W CEO, Francesco Ciao, went on to a job at Lehman brothers. Now bankrupt.

Where do they get these people. Jobs for the boys, methinks.

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