Who are the mysterious ITIL Qualifications Board?

Readers may vaguely be aware of an "ITIL Qualifications Board" but who knows anything about it? Who is on it? When does it meet? What is its charter? Where are the records? How much does it impact my life in ITSM?

Announcements appear from the ITIL Qualifications Board, such as one we discussed recently

Public information about its membership or activities is hard to come by, even though this body is setting public policy of property of the British Crown, and is determining the requirements for career certification for the entire ITSM community.

BCS at least tells us that the ITIL Qualifications Board consists " of representatives of the accreditor, examining institutes, itSMF, TSO and examiners", which is more than I can find anywhere else, including the ITIL Official Site

There is an Examination Panel which makes recommendations to the Board. It's membership is on the Official Site and we discussed it recently. But it is not the Board.

Contributions are welcomed from readers to help draw back the veils on this body. Post comments here or email me privately.

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[updated: finally documented in January 2009]


Some info here...

Some information on the role and that APMG chair the Qualifications Board was posted here back in 2006 at the time of APMG award of ITIL training contract taking over from ISEB and EXIN


Try this from a member of an EI


Julia from Loyalist College, an EI, explains all about the ITIL Qualifications Board.

They need to be talking to the ITIL community

Hooray! Thanks for that LCS reference.

I believe the Board needs to ensure it understands the needs and the desires of the ITIL community. The members of the Board can not do their work in a vacuum. They need to be talking to the ITIL community to make sure it is
well represented.

That would be a fine thing, given their peculiar view of "surveying". I hope Julia can sustain that attitude inside the walls of Castle ITIL.

Board Member reference

One board member I know is well respected in the ITIL Community, as well as in the larger arena of Service Management.

He is the Manager of Education Product Development at Pink.


Another name is -

"Colin Rudd, itSMFI’s Qualification Board representative and ITIL author"

From www.itsmfi.org (news on 8/28/2008)

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